Different Kind Of Pictures

So earlier I shared a few shots of inside our building, and you can see that it looks pretty nice. But … maybe some of you who are following us from afar are thinking, “They probably moved into a nice upper middle class neighborhood like most churches.” Not so much. In fact, check out these two pictures.

The first is taken about 30 yards from our building. In Vegas there are newspaper stands everywhere with catalogs of girls you can get “Direct to your room in 20 minutes.” I counted, there are about 75 of these stands within 4/10th of a mile of our building.

The second was taken in our building. You’ll notice the cig butt on the ground. Do we allow smoking in the building? No. How did it get there? Good question. In the background you’ll see the nice street signs we bought and now … on two of them … a gang spray painted their gang symbol. I just want to know if that gang is going to reimburse me for the cost of those two signs?