Monday, Monday

Because we have our Monday night gathering tonight, I’m going to wait till late or tomorrow morning to give a full fledged update on how things went for the “Grand Opening” of Verve.

I will tell you:

– Yesterday went great. Lots of fun.

– We got our building “done” (it’s still not quite done) at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday, like 5 hours before people started showing up. That wasn’t due to poor planning on our part, but because of delays from the county on permits we needed to get certain projects going.

– Our signs for the building didn’t get done on time, again (oddly) some kind of permit issue, so we had to just throw banners up on the building. Disappointing, but oh well.

– What else is disappointing is that my team – the University of Illinois Fighting Illini – didn’t make the tournament. What up? All we did was beat Michigan St., and Vanderbilt, and Wisconsin, twice.