So I’ve been doing this blog for … I don’t know … maybe 3 years? And I’ve had I think two times in the past where I kind of reinvented it. Slightly altered the “target audience” and the themes I was covering. Like one time was when I moved to Vegas. I decided to use this blog primarily as a way to give updates on what we’re doing – for supporters and for other church planters who were interested.

Well, it’s re-inventing time again. The church is about to launch, and I think the best thing I can do with this is aim it a little more at people here in Vegas and who are coming to Verve.

Obviously anyone and everyone are still invited to read it, but you’ll notice a little shift. Some updates, but less, and more of me trying to interact with people who are interested in Verve.

When I re-invent the blog I clear out the history. I’ve been told emphatically by people in the blog world that I’m an idiot for doing this and that it will totally hurt the amount of readers I have and my getting new readers, because I’ve wiped out all the links through which they’ll find the blog. Oh well. I’m not in this for numbers. I don’t even have a counter to tell me how many people read this, so I guess ignorance is bliss…

Okay, so there’s your explanation, thanks for reading and supporting us. I appreciate all of you!