The Venue?

Twelve years ago I started a church in Virginia Beach and we had our services in a movie theater. We planned to do the same here but when we decided to do services on Sunday mornings AND Monday evenings, the cost to rent two places a week grew. With the economy there are a ton of empty buildings here in Vegas. So we started investigating and found a warehouse we could rent for a great price, just south of the Strip.

Suddenly we realized we were going to have our own (10,680 sq ft) space. And we thought, “It would be kind of greedy to keep it to ourselves. And dumb for it to sit open when we’re not using it.” So we have designed our building to be used by the community. For what? Concerts, comedy shows, AA meetings, family movie nights, corporate events, art shows, you name it. We’re running it as a non-profit, and so will only charge minimal fees to help cover our costs.

Interested in using it? Then check out