The Week In Brief(s) (3/22/10)

Each week I’ve been sharing a recap on some of what happened that week. It’s quick (in brief) and I write in my underwear (in briefs). Here ya go:

Week two went really well. We had lots of people come back, and a bunch of new people. We even heard from some of the people who didn’t return, telling us they couldn’t make it but were planning on coming back soon.

I thought the service went well. Band was rocking, a really fun creative element, and the guy who spoke was totally sexy.

We talked about being broken, and what God does with our brokenness. Lots of people in tears but leaving feeling encouraged.

We don’t count anyone we know is from out-of-town, and we don’t count any of our people twice (even if they come to two services). So, not counting any of those people, I think we had 247 people.

The only reason that number matters is because it represents individual people. People who have never gone to church, or who long ago left church behind, and who have come and felt comfortable and are taking a step towards God. And that is very cool.