Verve Launch Update

For those supporting us around the country and wondering what’s happening here with Verve … things are crazy.

– In the next days we’re putting the finishing touches on our building.
– We have about 40 friends from around the country here to help us this weekend.
– We are doing all sorts of advertising to invite the community to check us out.
– We were contacted by Las Vegas City Life, who want to do a story on us.
– We are buying stuff like crazy for opening day.
– In fact, we don’t have a church credit card, so we’re using my credit card, and it was shut down for fraudulent use! We’ve had it put back on, I guess they’re just not used to us buying diapers and cribs and trash cans and lumber and …, and …, and …

So it’s crazy, but it’s fun. And we’re excited to see how it all comes together this Sunday morning and Monday evening.