First Easter

So we had our first Easter weekend of Verve, and I think it went great. We had a really fun service but also took a serious look at the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the idea that: Every man dies, not every man truly lives. And one man died that every man might truly live.

Seemed to be lots of energy and we definitely got lots of positive feedback.

This is maybe the last time I’ll talk about our attendance numbers, because I don’t think they’re a big deal and I don’t want to give the impression they are, but I know there are a lot of people around the country who have been supporting us and are wondering if anyone is actually showing up… So between Sunday (which had more people than normal) and Monday (which had less; stinkin’ NCAA Championship!) we had 311 people.

Thanks to people far away who are supporting us, and to those who are here in Vegas and showed up at Verve.