Ill Disposed Toward Deserts

Check out a quote I read this week:

“As temperate-zone people, we have long been ill-disposed toward deserts and expanses of tundra and ice. They have been wastelands for us; historically we have not cared at all what happened in them or to them. I am inclined to think, however, that their value will one day prove to be inestimable to us” (From Arctic Dreams, by Barry Lopez).

I wonder if that’s why America has put ‘Sin City’ in the middle of the desert, and why things happen ‘only in Vegas’ and ‘stay in Vegas.’ We don’t care what happens there, whether it’s with other people or even with us, because we can just leave it in the desert.

Well, personally I think the value of Las Vegas is inestimable to God and I’m honored to be someone who cares about it and gets to bring beauty to this great city.