Just Start Singing

I just had an epiphany.

A few years ago when Best Of You came out by the Foo Fighters, I loved it. Currently my favorite song is Savior by Rise Against. Do you know what they have in common? (I’ll give you a minute to click on the links and go figure it out.) (Go ahead.) (I’m waiting patiently.)

Yeah, the singer starts the song. Immediately the dude starts singing. No musical intro. No guitars. No drums. Forget keyboards. Just jump in like you’re already in the middle of the song.

I didn’t know I liked that, but apparently I do. So I’m wondering how it could help some of my least favorite songs. Like what if you took out the crappy flute beginning from My Heart Will Go On? Maybe it would rock? Or the double keyboard intro from Muskrat Love? Maybe all of a sudden it would be awesome? Or the piano beginning from Everything I Do? It might be killer! Well, you’d have to take Bryan Adams out of it too. And any memories I have of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. But you get the idea…