Last Weekend At Verve

If you’re wondering: Because we’re doing Monday night services (because so many people in Vegas work weekends and can’t come to church on Sundays, even if they want to), our weekends are Sunday/Mondays.

This was our sixth week at Verve. I’ve been pointing to this weekend as the first that would have any degree of normalcy. I figured the first three would be different because, well, they were the first three. Then there was Easter, then the weekend after Easter (which is always odd), so this seemed like it would be the first normal-ish one.

I thought it was another great weekend. The band opened the service with a rockin’, moody version of “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce, which was saaaa-weeeet. We had some funny videos. But my message had … zero humor. Not a joke, not an attempt at a giggle. That is NOT normal, to say the least. But it was my favorite message I’ve done so far. I took about half of it to tell the story of the entire book of Hosea.

On Saturday we also did our first funeral. It was for the ex-husband of a lady who started coming last month. Bad situation, but it was nice that we could be there for people.