Verve Happenings

This was a very cool week at Verve. God is really doing something.

Like … somehow we had our biggest attendance week, other than Easter. I don’t understand that, because new churches are supposed to see a drop in attendance. We’re just not seeing it. Instead, this week we had about 20 more people than any weekend but Easter. It was almost the same as Easter.

Our gathering had a great feel. Our band rocked “Uprising” by Muse. Like it was ridiculous. We had fun, threw Mike & Ike’s, and exposed the matrix.

And … we had our first week of Verge. Verge is a six week seminar on Sunday nights, where we are looking at the foundations of Christianity: The identity of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit; the gospel; evidence for the Bible and Jesus; our identity in Christ; spiritual disciplines like bible study and prayer. So I was hoping that maybe we’d have 10 people for Verge. Guess again. 54! Seriously. 54 people . Wowwwwwww. The first week went great.