Verve, Take Five

This may have been my favorite week of Verve so far…

Robb spoke (on The Sixth Sense) and killed it. His message was so personal, not only to him, but to every (honest) person who heard it.

Our offering included a free movie pass … and a recipe for sangria.

Something freaktastic is that this week was our first without advertising, and our fifth week which I would assume would mean a slowing down of momentum, and the weekend after Easter which is typically a bad attendance day for churches, but yet … it was our highest ever attendance other than Easter. Weird and, I suppose, a really good sign.

My favorite part of the week was Vervalicious, a “meet the staff and hear the vision” event we’re gonna do about every other month. We had over 40 people come to it, and hearing a lot of their stories was great. A bunch of people told me how they hadn’t been to church in years, or ever. One lady (who has been to our Monday night service every week) explained that she hadn’t been to church since she was six. She said, “I’m not buying this, but you’ve got me coming back every week.” I asked why she came in the first place. She said that recently she told her husband, “I wish I had something to believe in” and then the Verve doorhanger showed up on their door. Pretty cool.