Friday night is family fun night at the Antonucci’s. Always fun.

Saturday we went to Pet-a-palooza. Never thought I’d say that. But the kids wanted to go, it was cheap, and they had some good bands (Five For Fighting, Kris Allen, Barenaked Ladies). I have NEVER seen so many dogs.

My son had a Little League game on Saturday afternoon. The other team scored 4 runs in the next to last inning to take an 8 to 6 lead. Then we got 2 immediate outs, but then scored 3 runs to take a 1 run lead in the top of the last inning. Then they got their first two guys on, but we then got 3 outs in a row to win the game. 10 year old pandemonium ensued.

This morning at Verve we continued our “I Want a Movie Life” with “The Sixth Sense.” Great morning – more on that later. I see dead people.