The Venue

At Verve we believe strongly in generosity. That if God has given us something, we should share it. So when we realized we were going to have our own building we viewed it as something to share. We decided to not make it look like a church, and to not name the building the name of our church, so that it would be a more appealing meeting space to other groups or for concerts or comedy nights or whatever.

So … so far it hasn’t happened but… two weeks ago a guy from a local alternative rock station came by and they are considering doing a concert series in our building. And then last week someone came by from a local High School to look around. She said that their school ceremonies (like their upcoming football awards ceremony) are held in the school cafeteria, and they are very interested in using our space as it’s way better. And this week someone is asking about using it for some classes on nutrition and healthy eating.

Cool stuff.