Verve Report

There’s a wide variety of people who read this blog. One group are church planters. And starting a new church is incredibly difficult. And we’ve had all kinds of great things happening here, and lots of good reports to give, so it may be a bit frustrating to people who are struggling with the new churches they’re starting.

So, just to encourage you guys: This weekend was a bit frustrating. We had major technological difficulties with my microphone. Major. And our attendance was way down. (Not sure why. Most churches go up on Mother’s Day, but my experience has always been a drop on Mother’s Day. I think because we’re not “parent approved.”) I’m not huge about attendance numbers, but when the room is feeling really empty, it’s hard to have energy in the service…

Now there is a ton of great stuff happening too, it’s not like things are going bad, they’re going awesome overall. But just so you know, we have rough moments too.