Vince Recommends…

I’ve been giving you a recommendation a week lately, just because I’m that committed to you and changing your life so it looks more like mine. (Just like you’ve been dreaming about.)

So here’s my recommendation for this week: Label your shelves. Like wherever you keep your food – pantry, kitchen cabinets. Label those shelves. For instance, you may need labels like: “Drink Mixes” and “Canned Vegetables” and “Cake Mixes” and “Cereal.”

Why? Because that way you can quickly glance at your shelves, see what’s missing, and know what you have to buy at the grocery store. Gone are the days of, “I didn’t realize we were out of Soy Sauce, what will we do?!?” Say goodbye to, “How was I supposed to know we had no fruit cocktail?” You will save time, stress, and arguments.

And when that happens, you can look up to the sky, smile, and say, “Thank you Vince. What would we do without you?”