Vince Recommends…

Most of my favorite bands you’ve probably heard of – Snow Patrol, Counting Crows, Foo Fighters, etc. But it’s possible some of you don’t know about one of my fav’s, Jack’s Mannequin. And everyone should know about Jack’s Mannequin.

The band started as a side project of Andrew McMahon, who was the lead singer of Something Corporate. As Jack’s first CD was coming out, McMahon was diagnosed leukemia. He’s since fully recovered, and went on to put out out a second CD.

So why do I like this band so much? My favorite bands tend to be one’s where it sounds like the singer is just pouring his heart out. Where it seems like the singer is just too passionate and emotional to care how he sounds. This dude is that. If you want to hear McMahon at maybe his most emotional, check out Caves. If you want to hear a more typical song, check out Mixed Tape. My favorite song might be I’m Ready or The Resolution.

And, by the way, how many weeks do you think it took me to get a Jack’s Mannequin song worked into a Verve service? … Five.