Vince Recommends…

So I’ve been sharing things that I recommend and this week I recommend … having a decibel reader on your iPhone.

The reason I have a decibel meter on my iPhone is so we can see how loud our music is at Verve’s gatherings. Normally a church has to buy an expensive decibel meter, but for 99 cents I have one on my phone.

The reason you should have a decibel meter on your iPhone is not that. I think it’s obvious. Your husband starts yelling at you. You say, “Stop yelling.” He says, “I’m not yelling.” You say, “Dude, that was 95 decibels.” Argument over. You win.

Or you tell your teenager, “Turn that music down!” “Dad, it’s not that loud!” “It’s 104 decibels.” No more debate. The proof is in the pudding. Well, actually, in the iPhone.