Weekend: At the Copa

This weekend …

On Friday I drove my wife all over Vegas (because she’s not allowed to drive) and we went out for lunch.

Friday night is Family Game Night and we played MLB Monopoly.

Saturday morning Dawson had a baseball game. Not one of our best. We lost 8-4.

Saturday afternoon we sealed the deck in our backyard. Fun! (That is sarcasm, for the sarcasm impaired.)

And Saturday night we went to a concert by … wait for it … wait for it … Barry Manilow. If you know me, you are rolling on the floor, laughing till your stomach hurts. We joined this thing where we get free tickets for shows, and we had the opportunity to get free Manilow tickets, and my wife wanted to go, and it’s Mother’s Day weekend, and holy crap, I have now seen Barry Manilow in concert. If it were possible, the high school me would time warp to this moment and beat the crap out of me.

Sunday morning we started a new series at Verve, In The Shadows. Talking about: Does God, and how does God work in your life when you’re not aware of His involvement?

After church we took “Mommy” to lunch – Hash House a Go Go. Highly recommended when you’re visiting Vegas.

Tonight we’ve got Verge – our class for not-yet and new Christians. I can’t wait…