My daughter has recently become a Brownie. (Not the kind you eat.) (Mmmmm, brownies.) But the Girl Scout kind. This weekend she had a Brownie’s camping trip, so she and my wife were gone from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning.

So it was a bachelor weekend for the boys. What does that mean? Chinese food, video games, and steak, and … no that’s pretty much it. Well, he also had a baseball game Saturday afternoon. (And not only did Dawson get a hit and score two runs. He also came in to pitch in the last inning with two outs, and two guys on base, and struck out the last batter to get the save.)

This morning at Verve we concluded our “I Want a Movie Life” series with “Transformers. We’ve been doing little parody videos of scenes which have been really funny, and the one for this morning was the creme of the crop. Can’t wait to see it again at tomorrow night’s service.

Tonight we have our second session of our Verve University course called “Verge.” We’re gonna be talking about evidence for the Bible and for Jesus. Will be fun.