Love Your Neighbor

God has put our church in a warehouse/office complex. And God has told us to love our neighbor. Now our “neighbor” can be anyone in need, but sometimes it’s our … neighbor.

So … last week our staff invited all the people who work in all the other businesses in our complex over for lunch. We grilled hot dogs, and had chips and cupcakes. Only about a dozen people showed up, but at least we were able to show them a little love.

Then on Sunday we did a community service project after church. Across from our building is a large field which is absolutely filthy. It’s also the home to quite a few homeless people. So after our service about 40 Ververs went out (in 110 degree heat!!) and cleaned up the field for about an hour. (And collected a LOT of trash; the picture only shows a little of it.) We may not be able to “cure” homelessness, but we can at least make their “home” a little nicer…