About five times this year I will be out-of-town speaking at some of our supporting churches, and therefore miss Verve’s services on Sunday (and maybe Monday). This was one of those weeks, as I was in Savannah on Sunday morning.

I’ll tell you what, it is such a cool thing to be able to gone (especially with our church being so new) and know that everything is going to be great. God has given us a lot of really quality people early on, and I think Robb is actually a better speaker than me. (But I hope no one notices.)

Not only is it cool that I can be gone, it’s also healthy. Not for me (though that may also be true), but for Verve. So many churches are built on a person/ality, rather than on Jesus. The problem is that a person can die, quit, screw up, but Jesus will never die, quit, or screw up. A person is a poor foundation, Jesus is a great one.

So, even though I hate being gone, and maybe someone misses me, it’s a really good thing for Verve. And I’m grateful for the people at Verve who make it possible.