Cool weekend at Verve…

Saturday we had a baptism over at my house. The person who got baptized is quickly becoming one of my favorite people at Verve, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever met anyone more surprised that they now believe in God and have given their lives to Christ. Too cool.

I thought we had a great service as we looked at one of the greatest questions of all time: Do you want to get well?

Robb has been gone, in stinkin’ Hawaii! (his in-laws brought his family with them to Hawaii – what is up with that?!!?) and so Mike has been leading the band the last two weeks. This week we also had our bass guitarist out-of-town, but the band still pulled it off. So … smoke it Robb!

On Sunday we had an Indoor Block Party, with bounce houses, corn hole, tons of food, World Cup game on the big screen – all the important stuff. It was fun.