Verve Happs

We had an incredible weekend at Verve, highlighted by 13 people giving their lives to Christ in baptism on Sunday. It was phenomenal. For a church that didn’t exist three months ago, and thirteen people who weren’t going to church three months ago, it was just a wow moment.

We did it after our Sunday morning service, out back in the parking lot, in a kiddie pool (’cause, you know, kiddie pools in parking lots just scream “This is a holy moment!”). Each person shared their stories, lots of tears, tons of cheering and hugging. Actually, it was a holy moment.

We then had our first Verve barbecue, which was a lot of fun, and allowed our mass of all new people to meet some of the other new people.

There were actually another three people who wanted to get baptized, but yesterday didn’t work for them. And there were another two people who I talked out of getting baptized. (I know most pastors talk people into getting baptized, but I’ve never understood that. Where do you see Jesus talking people into following Him? No where. But where do we see Jesus talking people out of following Him? A lot of where’s!)

So even though we’re only twelve weeks old as a church, we already have a bunch of people who are experiencing the life change that only Jesus can bring … and there is lots more to come! Viva la verve revolucion!