Vince Recommends…

So lately I’ve given you some suggestions on entertainment, food, technology. Today? Some life skill advice. And what I recommend is … not gaining a butt-load of weight.

This is a do as I say, not as I do situation, because I have gained a butt-load of weight. I moved to Vegas overweight, and in my year-and-a-half here have gained maybe 20 pounds. (And yes, I’ve done the math, and if you add it all up it equals a butt-load.)

So last week I started the crappy process of losing the weight and this, my friends, is why you shouldn’t gain a butt-load of weight, because it sucks to have to lose a butt-load of weight. I’ll do it, I’m pretty sure, because I’m an over-achiever and tend to accomplish my goals. But the big question will be: Will I then re-gain a butt-load of weight? So, when that time comes, remind me of this post, okay?

(And yes, the real purpose of this post was to see how many times I could say butt-load without it getting ridiculously awkward. And the answer is … seven.)