Antonucci Stuff

Our family has been on the go, trying to squeeze a few fun things into life here in Vegas, especially with the kids being out of school, and being gone some as well. Like…

  • Saw a couple of movies in the last few weeks. I’m giving Karate Kid an A, Toy Story 3 a B+, and Despicable Me a B. (And yes, seriously, Karate Kid is that good. Totally surprised me!)
  • The kids have done several sleep overs.
  • Tonight Jen and I are going out for dinner for our 16th Anniversary (!!). Sixteen years, but it only feels like 23.
  • Last week we were at camp. There is a camp in the mountains outside Sacramento, California that we go to every year. It’s a youth camp and we love the teenagers there. A really fun time, and it’s also cool ministry wise. This year I was the main speaker, which is an honor and all kinds of amazing stuff happened. Including the fact that 30 kids made decisions for Christ and got baptized including…
  • My son, Dawson. Making decisions is not easy for him, and I always try to talk people out of following Jesus (because that’s what He did), so it was difficult for him, but he made the choice anyway, and I am so proud of him.