We’ve got three interns at Verve at the moment, and they are three incredibly lucky people. Not only do they getting to work at what someone called the world’s coolest church (okay, I’m the one who called it that, but I’m someone!), but they are also getting some incredible experiences.

One (not so good) example: On Tuesday our whole staff went to … Chuck E’ Cheese’s. And you’ll have to just trust: Playing skeet ball and pop-a-shot basketball with me is an incredible experience.

One (great) example: Every other Thursday we are having a roundtable learning event. We have a topic and a speaker and a discussion. Shaula Overholt, who is overseeing it, is knocking it out of the park. Like this week our speaker was Eric Bryant from Mosaic. Next time it’s Kevin Odor, the Pastor of Canyon Ridge Christian Church in North Vegas. She even let me be one of the speaker’s once.

Seriously, if I was gonna be an intern, Verve is where I would want to be.