The Outsider Interviews

I have read a TON of books the last few weeks, mostly on airplanes and in hotel rooms. Thought I’d give you a few brief reviews and maybe a learning you can apply too.

One book was The Outsider Interviews. It’s a book by three guys (one who has a ministry I really appreciate, one who was in my living room a couple months ago, and one I have no idea about) who went around the country interviewing people who are “outside” faith on panels in front of live audiences. They were trying to learn what their views were of Christians.

The book is meant as a follow-up to unChristian, in which a couple guys did thousands of interviews with non-Christians to get their views on Christians. This book kind of puts flesh on that book, giving a little more insight into who the people are who hold these views.

If you’re a Christian with no non-Christian friends, or a pastor who wants to reach out to people who are far from God, but spends little time with them, this book is a good read.