this weekend @ VERVE

Okay people, no playing games today. This weekend we’re concluding our GPS series, where we’re learning how to discern where God might be leading us, and especially leading us to make an impact with our lives. The G stood for our gifts and the P our passion. And I could keep you guessing as to what the S is, but as I said – no games.

The S is your suffering.

Say what? Your suffering is the crap you’ve had to go through in life, right? It’s the stuff you’re trying to forget, right? So why is it in this equation?

Because God wants to redeem your suffering. I mean, wouldn’t it suck if all suffering is is the crap you’ve gone through and want to forget? What if it can be a big part of how God uses us to bless other people and make a difference in the world? That would be pretty cool, right? Well then, make sure you’re at Verve this weekend.