It’s an exciting time at Verve. Like really exciting.

  • We just finished our GPS series, where we talked about how God directs us where to serve and make an impact with our lives.
  • We had a ton of people sign-up for First Serves – a chance to try out a volunteer position to see if it’s a good fit. For our church to grow and be effective in accomplishing God’s mission for us, we need for people to step up and make their unique impact at Verve.
  • We started our second semester of Verve University. This summer we’re offering two courses: Verge and Verb. We had about 40 people between the two classes on Sunday.
  • We have pastors from two different churches coming in this week and next to see what we’re doing at Verve and look for ways they might be able to partner with and support us.
  • We’re starting a brand new series this week I’m really pumped about. Should definitely help people to take next steps spiritually.