This weekend at Verve we continued our new GPS series by talking about our P – our passions. One of the keys to understanding who God made us to be and how He designed us to serve is discovering what we’re passionate about.

On Sunday night we had Vervalicious – which is an event where people who are new to Verve get to meet our staff and hear our vision, and we all eat lots of good desserts.

Today I leave for a camp in California. One of the coolest things God has done in my life is that back in 2001 our church in Virginia Beach made a commitment to love and serve a people group who mostly live in Communist countries in Southeast Asia, and some amazing things have happened through us there. Well, some of that people group live on the West Coast of America, and every year they have a camp for their teenagers. I have gone to that camp like five of the last six years, and it’s this week. I cannot wait to get Verve involved in missions, so we can make a difference not just in Las Vegas, but also across the globe.