We had a good weekend at Verve.

The 4th of July landing on a Sunday isn’t great for church attendance, but we had a decent crowd and a great service. We started a new series called GPS, where we’re talking about how to know where God is leading you, and especially where He wants you to serve and make an impact with your life.

I am really psyched about the impact this series could have on the people of Verve, and then (through them) on Las Vegas. God has a heart for Las Vegas, and He wants to us to do something really beautiful here. And He’s asking each of us not to be spectators, but to use our gifts to play our part. Wow!

Greg Rohlinger of Palm Valley Church was in town. Palm Valley has been incredibly supportive of us and we are so grateful. Sunday we were able to go to dinner with Greg and his wife, Lori. I’m excited that in a few months I’m gonna get to spend some time with Palm Valley’s staff, and at their church.