Psyched #1: Vault

Thought I’d share a few things I’m psyched about over the next couple days. First off is … Vault.

Vault is Verve’s church planting lab where current and future church planters can learn how to start a church for people who don’t like church. There are lots of books and conferences on church planting, but I know of about none that are focused on how to start a church for the unconvinced and cynical. So … we’re doing it.

We’ll take you into the vault, sharing principles learned over several effective new churches, and give you practical ideas to vault you into the future.

Put it in your calendar: October 18 – 20. The cost is $100 – yes, only $100 – and that includes three meals. We’re not looking to make money, but to equip church planters who want to help people who are far from God get close to Him.

Interested? E-mail Kandyss at and she’ll get you all the info, and can sign you up.