Psyched #3: This Sunday!

This Sunday at Verve we are starting a brand new series called FACADE. One of the unique things about Las Vegas is that you can experience New York, and Paris, and Egypt, and … well, not really. You can experience a facsimile of them, but not quite the real thing. Which is fine, but how many of us experience just the facade of love, or friendship, or purpose. And how do we experience the real thing? That’s what we’ll be talking about in this series, DO NOT MISS IT!

This Sunday is also the day we bring back our 11:35 service. We started Verve with it back in March, but over the summer we used the 11:35 time slot to do special events and classes. Now the 11:35 is back, and it’s better than ever! (That’s not actually true, the 11:35 is identical to the 10:05, but I felt like I had to sell it.)

If you’re a Verver who hasn’t been coming for awhile, maybe because of summer, or because of the disappearance of the 11:35, this is the week to come back. We’ll see ya then!!