This week we brought back our 11:35 service. Over the summer we saw an opportunity to do some “core building” with the people who had started coming in March and April. So every week at 11:35 we did an event, some community building, some service oriented, some spiritual growth classes. Hopefully they helped people to connect with Verve, and grow with God.

On September 12 we are doing a big next phase in our launch process. Summer will be over, school will be started, and we’re doing advertising to get the word out about Verve.

In anticipation of that, we wanted to get back into the swing of doing two services on Sundays, and so we started this week. And, though we’re saving basically all our advertising for September, our Sunday attendance went up 50 people this week. Crazy. We’re still in summer, still hot, still school’s out, but just by bringing back the 11:35 service, our attendance shot up. Crazy.

I’m pumped about stuff coming up at Verve:

  • Thursday, September 16: Financial Peace University starts
  • Saturday, September 18: Serve Vegas day.
  • Sunday, September 26: Vervalicious
  • October: The next semester of Verve U, with two courses (Verge and Verse) begins!