Wow, what an amazing weekend we just had at Verve. The service was great – band rocked, we had an awesome dramatization of Edgar Allen Poe’s famous story The Tell-Tale Heart, and I spoke on confession. (I realized that I’ve never heard anyone preach an entire message but me (now twice in my life) on confession – like why we need to confess to God, and how to do it. Don’t know what that means…)

But the really incredible thing was last night. Before our Monday night gathering we had five Ververs get baptized, and I wish you all could have heard their stories. Ridiculously amazing. Every one of them basically said, “I cannot believe I go to church, and I cannot believe I am getting baptized.” They described how before coming to Verve they didn’t believe in God, hated church, and hated Christians. A few first came to Verve because of door hangers, and a few at the invitation of a friend. It was incredible, and makes it obvious that this is all worth it.

Some things I’m excited about: (1) This Sunday we go back to two services with the revenge of the 11:35. If you live in Las Vegas, be at Verve and bring some friends! (2) This week we start a new series, Facade. (3) There’s a rumor that we’re going to offer Financial Peace this September as part of Verve University. It’s a great class that is totally effective in helping people get out of debt and get their financial act together. (4) Verve’s Serve Vegas day is coming up on Saturday, September 18. Ververs, keep that day open!

God is very cool, and is doing very cool things at Verve. I’m grateful to get to be part of the ride.