Dear Steve

Mr. Jobs,

Forever I was not a user of your Apple products, though I often heard how superior they were. In October of 2008 I switched to an iPhone and bought a Mac Book, sure they would change my life.

My iPhone died in only a little more than a year. I had to purchase a new one. My new iPhone has e-mails in the inbox from “No Sender” with “No Content” and sent on the date 12/30/69. Sometimes dozens of these. I took it in to get fixed and was told there’s nothing that can be done, it’s just a glitch.

My laptop started having serious problems, and had to have the entire screen replaced. Again, the computer was barely more than a year old.

What in the name of Bill Gates is going on?!?

So, I implore you Steve, please make products as good as your fanatical followers say they are.

Your (not yet loyal) customer,

vince antonucci