The Countdown…

The Final Countdown is on for Vault, the roundtable-ish, bootcamp-ish, lab for doing for church planters who want to start churches for people who don’t like church.

We have been hammering out the final details on our end, and I’m getting pretty excited. For sure people will be getting teaching, and a few experiences, that they would never get at a conference.

We’ve intentionally not done the kinds of things that could have blown it up to a ton of people, because we want this to be different – more personal attention, more conversations, and somethings that would just never work with hundreds of people. Originally we were thinking around 30 people, but it’s looking like it’s going to be double that, which will still work with everything we have planned.

If you’re a church planter, and want to start a church that reaches out to people who are truly far from God … sign up. And you are running out of time, so sign up now.