We continue our Movies series with The Blind Side, talking about what it means and how to become a guerrilla lover. At Verve we want to be God Stalkers, Grace Wholesalers, and Guerrilla Lovers… And this week all Ververs have an assignment: We’re making cookies for our garbage man! Don’t forget. Can’t wait to hear the stories…

This weekend we had three groups of pastors in (one from Buffalo, NY, one from Kansas City and one from Phoenix). It was fun hanging out with them, and sharing some of the things we’ve learned in starting Verve.

We also had those two groups help us throw a Block Party for us. We’ve done eight or nine of these now, and it’s always cool to give neighbors a chance to meet each others and have a fun day.

I’ve got to admit it: Starting this church has been probably the most difficult challenge of my life. It is always hard to plant a church – trying to start something from scratch, trying to create momentum where none exists – but doing it where we are and under our circumstances, dang. Really difficult. So please keep praying for us. Thanks.