This week we continued our I Want A Movie Life series with Up In The Air, talking about how God’s design and desire for our lives is for us to live relationally connected lives. When we don’t it is, according to God, “not good” and we’re missing out on part of the reason for which we’re made.

Even cooler this past week was having a mission team in from The Journey Church in Muskegon, Michigan. For six of the eight people, it was their second time here this year to help us. That is crazy, humbling, and inspiring.

But the coolest thing this week was Serve Vegas. We had a bunch of people go out on Saturday to serve. Most served the people and organizations who are serving Las Vegas, as we had about six local community service organizations we partnered with. On Saturday night we threw a party in honor of the people who spend their lives serving Vegas. It was a great day.