Our staff went over to Zappos headquarters on Tuesday for their (free!) tour. It’s totally worth it. (Well, for free I guess it could suck and it would be worth it, but it’s really worth it…).

It would be hard to describe without you having been there. The culture is crazy. It’s pretty much like walking through a frat house, except that it’s a company that makes about 5 million dollars a day.

They know their culture, and it permeates everything they do.

They’re also great to their employees, like ridiculously killer benefits, a free ice cream sundae station open all the time, a free bookstore of business books for employees, and more.

My favorite thing was that they seemed humbled about it all. Humility is one of their core values, and they never gave a vibe that their unique way of doing business, and all the money they’re making, makes them better than everyone else.