Vault, the church planting conference we did for people who want to start churches for people who don’t like church, is over, and honestly I’m kind of overwhelmed.

I’m overwhelmed that our team pulled it off. We are still a new church, with a relatively small staff, but our team and volunteers (led by Kandyss Peterson) did an amazing job.

I’m overwhelmed by how much it takes out of you. I’m an intense guy, so we planned an intense conference – starting at 8 a.m. and ending at 9 p.m. each day.

I’m (most) overwhelmed by the feedback we received. It was unbelievable. We literally had people begging us to do it again, people promising to bring back big teams of people, people saying it was easily the best conference they’ve been to. I’ll give you some exact quotes when I get the evaluation forms back, but it was really crazy.

So thanks to all who helped put it on, and to everyone who attended – and we’re gonna start praying about what it looks like to do this again!