Would You Pray With Me?

Here are a few things I’m praying for with Verve, would you pray with me:

  1. That God would provide a high level leader who is amazing at creating and running systems, and developing leaders.
  2. That God would give our church a house. We have interns who don’t get paid and need a free place to live (3 this year, 3 to 5 more next year) and mission teams coming through, and it would be great for that. In the future it could also be a safe temporary place of recovery for people seeking to change their lives.
  3. A few new financial supporters. Unfortunately, starting a new church – especially a new church for people who don’t like church, and especially in Las Vegas – isn’t cheap.
  4. That God would bring out a ton of people for the launch of our Unstuck series, beginning on October 17. I believe it’s going to change people’s lives, in areas where they’ve come to believe that change is no longer possible.