Antonucci Stuff

It’s been a fun holiday weekend for me…

  • On Wednesday night I went out to dinner (Rio Buffet – half-price for locals!) with two of my good friends from Verve.
  • Thanksgiving our family just hung out at home, watched all three NFL games…  We made peanut butter & banana stuffed French Toast for breakfast (yep, as good as it sounds), and I deep fried my first turkey for dinner.  Interesting experience.  After being warned repeatedly (from a variety of people) that I would kill myself or burn down my house, we put the frier together barely reading the directions, and having several pieces left-over, that didn’t seem like they should be.  Then I took the thing outside and couldn’t figure out how to light it.  My wife asked, “Didn’t you read the directions?”  “No.”  She continued, “Don’t you want to read the directions?”  “Nah.”  Pretty soon I had fried a turkey, without dying or burning down anything, and it was goooood.
  • Yesterday we played Monopoly and I got to watch lots of college football.
  • In L.A. today.
  • Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!