On Saturday we had the first ever Verve Kickball Game, and I wasn’t there (unfortunately out of town) I heard it went great, with about 50 people playing, no major injuries, only a few fistfights…

This weekend we finished our Unstuck series. Definitely one of my favorites we’ve done. I’m praying that people take it seriously, get tenacious, and apply what we’ve talked about to their lives so they can truly experience freedom.

Want some real honesty? In these early years our church is getting by due to the financial support of other churches and Christians around the country. In the next couple years we’ll need to become fully self-supporting, but for now we owe our existence to the generosity of others. Well, this week we had our fourth church let us know that they’d no longer be able to support us financially. For all four it’s due to their own financial struggles due to the economy. All four are having to take other drastic measures to get by. And I understand, so I’m not feeling bitter. But, honestly, I am feeling scared. So please pray for us and our church finances.

This week we begin a brand new series: The Office. We’re going to talk about our jobs, or lack of jobs – how do we learn to love our job, honor God at work, find a new job that’s a better fit, overcome work-related temptations, and more. No sleep till Scranton!