Excited for this weekend at Verve because our Church Planting Resident, Tommy, is teaching. He’s gonna share some amazing personal stories, and he’ll do an awesome job, and people will grow because of it. And that’s all great, but that’s only part of why it’s great.

In the Bible the church is called the “body of Christ.” Part of what that means is that the church is a living organism, and living organisms are designed to reproduce. Churches reproduce. And if they can’t, something is wrong. And if (for some reason) a church has gotten past the point where they’re able to reproduce, well, it’s probably time for that church to think about dying.

I’m psyched that we were able to start Verve with someone on staff who will be leaving to start a new church out of Verve. And I pray it happens over and over and over and over again.

Want to learn about church planting, especially how to start a church for people who don’t like church? Come to our next Vault Church Planting Lab!