this (SPECIAL) weekend @ VERVE

The Venue is gonna be hopping this weekend!

On Friday night we are getting together our first ever Christmas Eve services!  Our theme is I Like The Baby Jesus and it will be a mixture of Christmas-y-ness and Verve-y-ness.  Yes, it’s going to be a very Vervy Christmas!  (Also, remember that we are doing a special offering on Christmas Eve, every penny of which will go into a “benevolence fund” to help hurting people in 2011.)

On Sunday morning and Monday evening we’re having our regular Verve services, and we’ll be continuing our Christianity For Cavemen series.

There are some churches that cancel services for the weekend after Christmas because they had church on Christmas Eve.  And there are lots of Christians who wouldn’t go on the 26th because they already crossed church off the to-do list for the week on Christmas Eve.  But we don’t do church services or attend church because we have to, we do it because we get to.  We love getting together, look forward to getting to sing to God, and are passionate to learn more about life with Him.  And so … see ya on Christmas Eve AND on Sunday the 26th or Monday the 27th!!