This weekend was filled with various Verve ministry teams having Christmas parties.  When you think about why to serve at church, there are lots of reasons: God commands it, it allows us to make a difference with our lives, it helps us to grow spiritually, it changes the lives of others, etc.  But another is that it’s probably the best way to make friends.  People get connected when they serve together, and it’s cool for those people to get together, get appreciated for serving, and get to celebrate Christmas together.

Looks like we’re going to have another baptism at my house this week, as we had another person give their life to Christ on Sunday!

We started our new series, Christianity For Cavemen with an important topic: The Bible, So Easy a Caveman Could Read It.  Fun day, thought it was a bit disturbing that we had cavemen outside protesting and causing all kinds of shenanigans…