This week we finished our series on what God has to say about our jobs in the Bible called The Office.  If you missed any of the messages, you can listen to them here.

Some of you know that for a year I was doing stand-up comedy here in Vegas.  At first in open-mic nights, and then in a real/professional show.  Well … this was the first week I used some material I developed for my stand-up act in my sermon.

I think half our church, including half our staff (and my wife) either had the flu this weekend or ran in the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.  (My wife was out with the flu, not the marathon.)

Excited for the new series we’re starting, Christianity For Cavemen.  The basic idea is that perhaps we make some of Christianity more complicated than we need to.  Perhaps God loves us and wants to make it more accessible and usable than we realize.

Looking for a way to serve this Saturday (December 11)?  One of our Ververs, Travis, is leading some people in throwing a Block Party for an under-resourced neighborhood (around D Street) and giving out socks. If you’d like to help out, you can let him know via e-mail.