Which Is Your Life More Like?

The theme song for Sarah Palin’s Alaska is by Third Day, a Christian band.

The song used to promote The Biggest Loser is by Needtobreathe, also a Christian band, whose songs have also been featured in Grey’s Anatomy, The Hills, Cougar Town and more.

Sarah Palin is a self-professed Christian, and I assume most of her followers and TV show watchers would consider themselves Christians.  The Biggest Loser, Grey’s Anatomy, etc. are just main stream shows watched by the multitudes.

There’s nothing wrong with what Third Day’s doing – if I was them and got the call from Sarah Palin I’d say, “Yup, use our song!”  But how cool is what Needtobreathe is doing?  To become a part of and speak into the bigger culture.  To have people exposed to your songs, and hopefully buy your CD’s, and hear lyrics like, “Let the songs I sing bring joy to you, Let the words I say confess my love, Let the notes I choose be your favorite tune, Father let my heart be after you” and “Yahweh, Yahweh…  Great is your glory when you go before me. Oh, we sing…  Holy, Holy… Your ways are lovely. So high above me. Yahweh” and “Even when the rain falls. Even when the flood starts rising. Even when the storm comes. I am washed by the water.”

Now the truth is that it’s much trickier to do what Needtobreathe is doing than Third Day, but the potential for impact? And it leads to a question for me, and you…  Is the way you’re living your life, or the way your church is doing church, more like what Needtobreathe is doing, or what Third Day is doing?